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DISCONTINUED - Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Paintball Gun - Gold/Black

DISCONTINUED - Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Paintball Gun - Gold/Black
Item# DP-J0A

Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Paintball Gun - Gold/Black

• Fusion Elite Body
• Fusion Elite 3D Milled Aluminum, housing the Core, Bolt, Solenoid, and LPR with high precision milling
• Smooth Fade Polish from bolt housing to Ram Housing
• Includes 3rd Generation RAPS ASA & DP Clamping Feedneck
• Slim weighted profile at the rear and wide light profile in the front
• Includes two-piece 13” barrel kit, bore size of .689
• Operates at 130PSI @ 290FPS
• Overall weight with Battery - 1.875lbs

Full-Pneumatic Fusion System:
• Elite Ram is controlled solely by a new reengineered 3-way Solenoid
• 3-Component Fusion Elite poppet style valve system, Ram, Valve-pin, and composite core- all of which are easy to maintain & rebuild
• Highly Efficient Solenoid for the Elite’s Valve System & designed for rebuilding with ease

Fusion Low-Pressure Regulator:
• The Secondary regulator for the Fusion Elite, regulating pressure from the OPR and directly charging the Solenoid
• Precise Controller for the Elite’s Solenoid Operation & Ram Drive, minimizing deviation in Velocity, Bolt Return & Barrel Rise to improve the quality of the Elite’s shot
• OLED Board may be used for fine Tuning to improve the LPR’s Performance

Reengineered Low operating Solenoid:
• Low operating solenoid charged by Fusion Elite LPR, precise delivery and adjustability
• Highly efficient compact FE Solenoid, driving the FE System at lower operating pressure
• User-friendly and easily maintainable, consisting of only five O-Rings on the piston

Fusion In-Line Pressure Frame:
• Enlarged Grip and Trigger Guard
• Forward milled frame with reinforced Window Grip cover
• Reinforces connecting points at the body and eye plates (rear and midsection)

Fusion Elite Trigger:
• Angled Break-away Archon Trigger with space adjustments for fine tuning magnetic attraction
• Spring-assisted trigger return for a smooth-return transition
• Dual-bearing Trigger supported by cone-point adjustment screws to significantly reduce side-play

Fusion Elite OLED Motherboard with Profiler-Chip:
• Full Pneumatic control over the Solenoid Timing & Bolt/Ram Return (Synergistic with LPR) & other marker set points
• Programmable OLED with multiple Profiles, including profiles which comply with major tournament regulations
• Elite Board includes transferrable Profiler Chip, extreme ease when transferring profile settings among other Elites

• Carrying case • Repair kit
• Lubricant
• O-rings
• ball detents
• Hex-key set
• Barrel cover
• Owner’s Manual
• Quick-tuning guide