• $1,499.95


Gold Plated Pin Connector

Reliable Connection

Utilizing a sprung 4-ping connector and pad the Luxe ICE has the most reliable and easy to maintain eye system of any Luxe. This simple touch connector is plated in 24k gold – not just for bling – but since gold does not oxidize this connector will ensure a reliable connection for years to come.

Frame Channel

Simplified Routing

Because the Luxe ICE holds its eye ribbon in a vertical slot – there is no chance of pinching or damaging the eye system when removing the frame. This also protects the eye ribbon from dirt, debris, and moisture. Most players will never need to replace their lower ribbon, for the life of the marker.

Easy to Clean

No tools Needed

The Luxe ICE eye cover also allows easy access to the ball detent system of the Luxe ICE – all without the need for tools. The eye covers are secured by both a physical latch, and strong rare earth magnets, ensuring a secure fit that has been battle tested by professional and amateur athletes around the world. The Luxe ICE has been enhanced over previous generations with larger more easily manipulated latch mechanism, that also increases the already sturdy securement.

Urethane Dynamic O-Rings

Superior Wear Characteristics

High quality urethane o-rings are used on all dynamic locations, ensuring long wear and consistent performance. Urethane o-rings preform better and wear longer than any other material used in paintball today.

Optimized Air Flow

Minimal resistance for maximum flow rate

Air path optimization is used to reduce flow resistance as the air travels through the marker. This results in the lowest operating pressure ever offered on the Luxe, meaning it is incredibly soft on paint, as well as boasting a incredibly quiet sound signature.

I.C.E. Coating

Internal Ceramic Elastomer

The ICE coating on the Luxe bolt system reduces the overall friction in the system. This means that the marker functions better in a wider range of conditions and requires less frequent maintenance than ever before.


Tight tolerances and proven design

The ICE regulator design has been tested by the top professional paintball teams in the world. With precision machining and solid engineering the ICE regulator is one of the most consistent in the world.

Simple Maintenance

Single Tool Needed

The Luxe ICE regulator can be removed from the marker and serviced with just a single hex key and no specialized tools. The Luxe ICE regulator has fewer seals than previous Luxe markers – meaning less maintenance. Multiple integrated filters keep dirt and gunk out of the marker – and increase the life of the seals inside the regulator. A completely refined system based around lower maintenance and longer seal life – the best Luxe regulator ever.

Cartridge Design

Compact and Simple

The Luxe ICE regulator is the simplest ever offered in a Luxe marker – will less than half the parts of previous generations.  Because the Luxe ICE regulator can be removed in one complete assembly, there are no pieces to fall out or loose. This is a regulator system designed for the high demands of tournament paintball – focusing on high performance and simple ownership, so you can focus on the game not your marker.