Echo1 Airsoft Rifles

Dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer service, Echo1USAstrives to give customers the best, most affordable airsoft guns and accessories in the business. That shouldn't really be a surprise, because it helps their business prosper. At the same time, as avid airsoft players themselves, Echo 1's staff understands the game and its players. They use the same equipment you do, so it had better be good.


The Troy series by Echo1 has always been trusted, and now this line-up has been updated with some slick new accessories. Fully licensed by Troy Industries and including Troy markings, the Echo 1 Troy Industries M7A1 Battle Black AEG Airsoft Rifle from Airsoft GI is a superb close-quarters gun. Its compact design makes moving in and around buildings a lot easier, so you can get the jump on unsuspecting opponents or dive for cover when you have to. Alternatively, you can use this as a backup for a sniper rifle by fitting the M7A1 into a backpack. The new Troy lineup has replaced polymer bodies with metal bodies for added durability, heft and realism. Other cool standard features include a, TRX rail system, Battle Axe grip, Battle Axe stock, flip-up sights, custom trigger guard and extended magazine release. The long rail provides plenty of real estate for you to add optics to zero in on the opposition. Outstanding FPS, long battery life and great looks make this weapon and anyone who totes it a winner.