187PB Empire AXE Grip Kit - Black - (#3H15)

  • $9.95

187PB Empire AXE Grip Kit - Black

Grip is an adhesive backed, rubber material that is applied to give you better traction and grip. This kit for the Empire Axe includes five main pieces for your foregrip to give you additional grip so you have better control of your gun. You will also get additional pieces in what we call the water resistance kit. This kit helps keep water out so you can stay in the game. We recommend installing a fresh battery before using this kit because it will seal the door shut. There is no guarantee that this will keep every drop of water out completely, but it is designed to help keep water out.

- Compatible with all Empire Axe Models and foregrips
- Non-abrasive rubber texture
- Provides added grip
- Includes water resistance kit

Instructions included.