GXG Paintball Hauler / Caddy

  • $24.95

Tired of wasting expensive paintballs when filling your pods and loader?
Missing game time because you're busy topping up?

The Gen X Paintball Hauler Pod and Loader Filler make loading up on paintballs quick and hassle-free! Made of tough lightweight plastic, the Paintball Hauler holds 1000 rounds, keeping it dry and safe. Its easy grip handle makes for easy one-handed pouring. The narrow load opening matches up to most pods and loaders, letting you fill your pods and hopper in a flash without spilling paintballs everywhere!

Once you've used it, you will never load it by hand again.

Gen X Paintball Hauler Pod and Loader Filler feature:

  • 1000 round capacity 
  • Tough lightweight plastic
  • Large capped opening for easy load of Hauler
  • Narrow pour opening for lightning filling
  • Heavy Duty Grip Handle
  • Saves you time between games and money from less spillage
  • Easy soap and water cleaning