HK Army XV 15" Barrel Kit w/Case - Black Polished - (#R29)

  • $129.95

Crafted with accuracy and style in mind, the XV Barrel Kit delivers unrivaled performance. The precision barrel bore-honing used in the development of the XV allows for improved diameter uniformity and a smooth interior finish. This attention to surface detail will deliver you the ball-on-ball accuracy you are looking for in a high-end barrel system. 

The XV Barrel Kit comes complete with 3 Barrel Backs, a Barrel Tip and 2 Interchangeable Accent Rings. The XV is packaged in our custom HK Army Hard Shell Exo Barrel Case.

• Highest Quality Aluminum 2 Piece Barrel 
• EXO Hard Zipper Case Which Holds Accent Ring, 3 Barrel Backs, Barrel Tip
• 3 Barrel Backs In Bore Sizes .681, .685, .689
• Removable Black Accent Ring and Gold Accent Ring
• 15" Total Length 
• 9" Barrel Back
• 6" Barrel Tip
• Milled Bore Size Numbers On Back Of Barrel
• Precision Honed Barrel Tip and Barrel Backs
• Weighs 116.5 grams
• Autococker Threading,