Inception Designs WGP Autococker UFC 3 Way Assembly V2 - Black - (#3L3)

  • $49.95

Inception Designs WGP Autococker UFC 3 Way Assembly V2 - Black

The UFC is the latest, most modern three way on the market. It has all of the greatest features combined into the smallest package possible so that it will fit on front blocks even with the largest LPR's.

We've updated it and now as the V.2 we bore match the ports into the main bore to the hole through the barbs. Doing this has allowed us to reduce the switching distance by approximately 50%! and still cycle the pneumatics just as fast as our previous version.

This is a huge benefit when looking to time a short trigger pull on a slide frame or on a hinge frame.

The Ultimate FLow and Clearance "UFC" three way has the following features.

* Minimalistic "FLE" body. All excess material is machined away. This makes it very narrow on the sides giving the most clearance for installation and cleaning (also makes it lighter)

* Standard 1mm by 3mm o-rings for faster switching and to make replacement easy with standard o-rings available anywhere.

* Bore matched gas port holes to three way barbs for ultra fast switching.

* Bell curved flow paths between o-rings for the best air flow from one barb location to the other. This also makes the stem stronger and less likely to get bent.

* Counter bored exhaust holes - allow faster flow of the vented air, making for a faster pneumatic switching system (a similar goal to QEV's but implemented at the three-way).

* Easy micro adjustment via the 5/64 allen key hole in the front. Allows for the perfect setting of your time and makes adjustment for the shortest pull super easy and quick to do.

* Easy build design. When building the gun you initially adjust the front of the three way stem to be flush with the front of the three way and the gun will air up correctly and be very close to the correct timing. Then you can tweak it in easily via the allen key as you time your trigger.

* 5-40 threaded stem allows for fine adjustment. Comes with two nylon locking set screws (6-32) to create tension on the timing rod and to prevent the timing from ever moving but still allowing easy adjustment when needed.

Does not come with timing rod, Low Pressure hose or hose locks which are available separately. 5-40 timing rods in many different lengths (Minicocker, Resurrection, WGP full body and Extended reach lengths are all available from Inception Designs.

When installing on a frame with a slide trigger the rear barb connects to the rear of the ram (where it screws into the front block) and the front barb connects to the front of the ram (near the end you point at your opposition).

When installing on a hinge frame, you need to swap the front and rear hoses so that the rear barb on the three way connects to the front of the ram, and the front barb on the three way connects to the rear of the ram).