PBG Planet Eclipse SL3 Inline Regulator - Dust Black (UB6)

  • $129.95

Planet Eclipse has made the SL3 regulator a stand-alone product exclusively for Paintball Gateway. The SL3 is the latest regulator found on the Eclipse SLS, GEO2, and EGO11 markers, and is now available to the public only from Paintball Gateway. The regulator is accurate and has a high flow rate, plus better stability when dealing with fluctuating or decaying pressure from high, medium, and low-pressure air systems. The output pressure of the regulator (the force that governs marker velocity) is tightly controlled and remains stable right down to the last few hundred psi of the air system, giving you more usable shots per fill. This also provides nearly zero loss in velocity right down to the end!

The Paintball Gateway SL3 regulator top has standard threads to mount with any standard ASA. The regulator is only available in dust black with an output pressure of up to 400psi. The regulator top is adorned with the Paintball Gateway logo while the swivel carries the Eclipse logo.

Output Pressure: 50-400 psi.

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