PBG Customs Planet Eclipse EMEK / ETHA 2 Sprocket Feedneck Thumb Screw

  • $11.95

Fits Planet Eclipse Emek and Etha 2 with either stock Lever or Speed Neck Feedneck lever.

- Larger sprocket design allows for easy tightening and loosening of feedneck to loader
- Externally milled sprocket slots match our Emek / Etha 2 Quick Strip Back Cap for bolts
- Utilizes stainless steel screws
- Available in a variety of colors

Please note:  All Thumbscrews for feed necks are locked in place to screw with Red Loc-Tite.  They will not dis-assemble.

Tested and used by many top mechanical players in the USA.

PBG Customs is our in house design, testing and manufacturing.  Tested for superior performance and reliability.  By players for players.  CNC machined in the USA.