Planet Eclipse LV2 EGO Paintball Gun

  • $1,599.95

Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 Paintball Guns and Markers


The relentless pursuit of improvement.

Improving on its predecessor, the indomitable LV1, has not been an easy task. A marker that has stood the test of time in every competitive and recreational scenario it has been subjected to. But improve we must and of course, improve we have. 

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 hoseless paintball gun pushes that concept of improvement with an all-new body that provides increased internal volume and a new Cure FT bolt design, this generates even lower operating pressures (approx 115psi) and subsequently an even quieter and softer shot than before. The result is without doubt the finest shooting stacked tube marker of all time.

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV2 unleashed.

For Planet Eclipse Ego fans, it’s the hoseless construction that will grab the headlines and has been at the very top of the must-have list for many. But there is so much more to admire. With its toolless wraparound grips, the stunning new HPR and LPR package not only looks and performs differently but also dramatically improves the stability of the LV2. The sizeable thumb gap between the foregrip and trigger guard gives players more freedom and maneuverability in the hand, making stance switches effortless.

The grips also allow quick and easy access to some key operational features such as the battery,  brand new MME electronics package with USB, optional BLE capability and OLED display, the new toolless eye covers, and of course, the adjustable flow controls in the user-serviceable solenoid.


But what sets the LV2 EGO apart from its rivals is the breadth of its performance. Individually set up in the factory, every EGO LV2 is ready to compete in any environment, in any format, straight out of the box. Just set the velocity and go. But for those that like to tinker, the LV2 is all about its vast scope of adjustment, or more accurately, tunability. We don't believe there has ever been a marker with more adjustability than the EGO LV line. With HPR, LPR, Dwell, forward and rearward rammer speed control, and even optional rammer weights (included), there are so many ways to tune the feel and efficiency of your Planet Eclipse LV2 EGO to give you the playing experience you want. And to achieve the results you aspire to.

Generation Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 Paintball Gun.

The Ego LV2. The latest evolution of one of the most iconic and enduring marker designs in paintball history. The one that has been so eagerly anticipated by so many, for so long. The one to continue its dominant legacy.

The one to inspire a new generation of Egomaniacs.