SP Shocker AMP Paintball Gun

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A new generation of the legendary Shocker paintball gun platform has arrived! The Shocker AMP evolves the Shocker electronic paintball gun platform with greater performance and versatility than ever, and it's already been tested and found worthy on the paintball field in the hands of professional paintball players and teams like AC: Dallas and AC: Diesel! Lightweight yet rugged, attractive, and packed with performance features that make it a remarkable value, the Shocker AMP tournament paintball gun includes attractive milling and availability in numerous popular anodized colors, a standard vertical clamping feed neck, a multi-piece FREAK barrel system for quiet accuracy, an on/off bottle adapter, a double trigger, anti-chop eyes, quick and easy field-stripping for maintaining the new Shocker AMP Core, the beating heart of the paintball gun. Running at low pressure with great efficiency, the Shocker AMP, and its AMP core, are able to shoot even the most brittle tournament paintballs in almost any weather condition with accuracy and dependability! If a light, accurate, reliable, versatile tournament paintball gun at an amazing price sounds like a great deal, look no further than the Shocker AMP!


Two-Piece Board Design – With less to move and reconfigure, the Shocker® AMP is easier than ever to switch between ripping fast electro to top-end mechanical operation.

Faster Frame Removal – The distributed electronics driving the Shocker® AMP also make maintenance faster, by allowing for faster grip frame removal.

Improved Efficiency – It’s hard to believe, that perfection could be improved upon but the engineering team behind the Shocker®® found room to further upgrade its efficiency. The Shocker® AMP valve and bolt are the most efficient yet (approximately 20% increase).

Twist-Lock Bolt – One quick twist de-pressurizes the Shocker® AMP and unlocks its bolt and fire chamber to slide out for quick maintenance in the pits – completely tool-free access to both the bolt and valve in one move.

Ultra-gentle bolt – Efficiency improvements have lowered the Shocker® AMP’s operating pressure from 160psi all the way down to 110psi. Whether on its own in mechanical mode, or combined with the VisionTM anti-chop system as an electro, the Shocker® AMP is more gentle on paint than ever before to make sure it breaks on target and not in the breach.

Tool-Free Solenoid Valve Removal – No tools means faster maintenance. Unlock and remove the Shocker® AMP solenoid valve for cleaning without digging through all the hex wrenches in your tool bag to find the right size.

Improved Water Resistance – Paintball doesn’t stop when the weather gets rough and neither does the Shocker® AMP. Better protection against moisture intrusion keeps you in the game when others falter.

New curves – Ergonomic upgrades to the Shocker® AMP grip give an even better feel on the field.

Slimline Reg Cover – A tighter fit and look, as the Shocker® AMP moves the Shocker® legacy forward as one of the lightest and slim professional level tournament markers ever built.

Compact QEV Module - Fully integrated into the bolt, the QEV will ensure the fastest response and improved cycle to cycle consistency.