Tippmann X7/Phenom Folding Stock - Black - (#P12)

Tippmann X7/Phenom Folding Stock - Black - (#P12)

  • $69.95

Tippmann X7/Phenom Folding Stock - Black

The joint at the stock's attachment point allows you to fold the stock alongside the body of the marker to optimize maneuverability when operating in confined urban setting, or you can easily extend the stock at the push of a locking pin when you need the stability offered by a full-length buttstock. Since top woodsball players must adapt quickly to the varying demands of woodsball games, it makes sense to have a marker that can do the same.

Designed by Special Ops for the Tippmann/Special Ops X7 marker, the sturdy X36 folding stock is constructed from military-grade, glass-filled nylon composite to ensure reliable, weatherproof performance and a long lifespan. The stock is attached to the X7 marker by using the gun body's rear push pins, providing a reliable, solid attachment point. (No permanent gun modifications are necessary to attach the stock.)

Special Features:
- Provides stable mil-sim shooting platform to enhance accuracy
- Convenient, versatile and reliable in the field
- Easy installation and solid attachment point
- Glass-filled nylon composite construction
- Extended stock enhances shooting accuracy
- Folded stock optimizes performance in tight, urban settings