Virtue Paintball Spire 3 / IV / iR Crown SF II Loader Speed Feed

  • $39.95
  • Save $5

Compatible with Virtue Spire III, Spire IV, Spire IR & Bunkerkings CTRL.

Finally a speed feed with no drawbacks. Heavy-duty polycarbonate Spring Fingers reload with ease, spring immediately back into position, and keep every ball locked securely inside.

Feather Light Spring

Reload with ease and never lose paint. The Crown SF II is based on the CrownSF platform and features Quick-Change Spring Finger technology. The Crown SF II is the pinnacle of speed feed evolution. Instead of a disassembly requiring tools, each CrownSF II finger is locked in place by an individual simple removal tab. 

Designed to Win

CrownSF II Features
  • Effortless Reload
  • Never Lose a Ball
  • Quick Release Speed Feed Fingers
  • Heavy Duty Polycarbonate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multiple Colors Available