WGP UniBody Autococker Body Kit (No Logo) w/Barrel & Trigger Frame - Raw

  • $150.00
  • Save $94.95

Looking to build an Autococker from scratch? Look no further! The best deal we have ever offered to start a fresh project!

Kit includes:
  • WGP UniBody - Raw
  • WGP Feedneck - Raw
  • WGP 15* Angled Vertical ASA - Raw
  • WGP Back Block - Raw
  • WGP 10" Barrel - Raw
  • WGP Hinge Frame w/ ASA - Matte Black
The UniBody is a 2K+ full-length Autococker. It will accept all 2K+ Autococker internals and full-length bolts.

Please note: Raw material is unfinished and noticeable machining marks will be visible. Please view the images for reference. 

** No mounting hardware, internals, bolts, and detents included.