Compressed Air Tank Regulator Fill Nipple Back Check Strut O-Ring (006-90UR) - 5 Pack (UB22)

  • $6.95

Leaking Fill Nipple? Replace the seals on the fill nipple shaft. A must-have for any toolbox or spares kit.

Fits: Crossfire, Ninja, DXS, Dye Throttle, Guerrilla Air, Air America, Max-Flo, Max-Flo Micro, Nitro Duck, Prior Pure Energy (Not newer), and many other brands that accept 006-90 Urethane fill nipple o-ring.

If you have a broken O-ring, you are out of the game. It does not matter if your gun or air system cost you 20 or 2,000 dollars. Proper maintenance is key to many problems that occur with paintball guns and markers. Usually, it's a simple swap-out. The simplest part yet the most important to any gun or air system. O-ring issues cause the most problems for any paintballer. Stock up and save.