Inception Designs WGP Autococker Slide Trigger Plate (IFP-0219) (UB29)

Inception Designs WGP Autococker Slide Trigger Plate (IFP-0219) (UB29)

  • $29.95

This is a trigger plate for Inception frames that are to be used with WGP body systems and front blocks (where the 3-way sits lower). You can use this with any pump gun and IT WILL allow the auto trigger function to work.

If you use it with an Autococker, it will NOT work with Empire Resurrections and Inception Designs Autocockers where the 3-way sits higher than the old school WGP guns.

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This is the lightest trigger plate available for a slide frame that allows an auto-trigger. It has a "free-floating" trigger design and is machined down to skeletonize the trigger plate and remove as much weight as possible. This enables a faster return and the use of a lighter trigger return spring to make a lighter trigger.


  • Trigger Plate
  • 3x Trigger Retun Springs