Inception Designs WGP Autococker/Resurrection Mid-Block Bolt Sled (Delrin) (UB29)

Inception Designs WGP Autococker/Resurrection Mid-Block Bolt Sled (Delrin) (UB29)

  • $9.95
  • Save $15

Constructed of Delrin, the mid-block sled can be used to replace Empire, Inception, and many other mid-blocked Autocockers and Sniper paintball guns.

It is lightweight and Delrin reduces scratching of the gun body.

Comes with built in "slot blocker" to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the hammer area and reducing performance.

It also comes with a stainless steel set screw that is tightened from the back of the sled to lock the pump arm into place and to stop it from rotating. This is a MUST for the best and most reliable performance.

If needed the "Slot blocker" can be removed with simple tools to make a shorter sled for guns that don't have the slot extended all the way out the back of the body (like an Inception Bobtail Mid Block body).

**Please note**

These are extended sleds! A total of 1.5 inches long, which will not properly fit some midblock/half-block Autococker on the market!

Your mid-block Autococker must have an open slot all the way through in order for the sled to properly fully open when cycled.