PBG Customs Planet Eclipse EMEK / ETHA 2 Aluminum Speed Neck Feedneck

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CNC Machined Aluminum 1 piece base feed neck for your Emek or Etha 2.  Designed and made to fit Emek and Etha 2 with PALS geometry. 

Some questions:
"Will it hold my spire from falling off, wobbling, or rotating?" 
It will keep it from falling off or rotating like a helicopter with enough clamping force to spare.  It was tested before production with the Spire, HK Army Speed, and other motorized hoppers in mind.

"Will it fit an HK Army Speed because the PALS interrupts the fin on the bottom of the loader?" 
Yes, it was initially designed to bypass the fin geometry on the bottom of the HK Army Speed hence the name "Speed Neck".

"Will it wobble forward and back?"
No.  Because it is a 1 piece, it cinches down evenly across the surface of the loader neck, unlike other designs that cinch down at the top only with room at the bottom to wobble.  It also allows your spire to sit flush at the bottom without any internal gaps because it sits lower.  ** See the Virtue Spire curve on your loader in relation to your current feed neck.  **

"Will it fit my Bunker kings CTRL loader flush"? 
Yes. Because it sits lower, it allows the CTRL loader to sit all the way down flush at the bottom to prevent a gap that is usually caused on standard feed necks.


  • All Metal construction (CNC Milled aluminum and Stainless Steel)
  • Sprocket Thumb Screw for quick adjustments
  • 1 Piece construction of the base makes it Rigid with less wobble
  • Clamping band clamps evenly throughout the loader.  Both top and bottom.
  • Secures Spire loaders without wobble and rotation (Spire loaders are thinner at the neck and cause rotation and wobble on stock units).
  • Increased clamping force
  • New geometry allows for clearance for HK Army Speed paintball Loader fin
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit your style

Tested and used by many top mechanical players in the USA.

Available in a variety of colors and textures.

PBG Customs is our in-house design, testing, and manufacturing.  Tested for superior performance and reliability.  By players for players.  CNC machined in the USA.

Feedneck Installation Instructions:  

Remove all hardware, and slightly split the bottom with a large screwdriver while pushing down toward the body to lock the Base into place ** See Image **. Re-install all hardware.  You will not be able to simply push the feed neck down. An internal ridge locking feature exists that is hard to notice that interlocks with the body to prevent feedneck from falling off under high-stress conditions—reverse procedure for feed neck removal for your Emek or Etha 2.

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