Planet Eclipse LV1.6 Paintball Gun

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Planet Eclipse LV 1.6 Paintball Guns and Markers

Since its creation in 2004, the EGO has been a consistent threat on every battlefield. Whether you play scenario, woodland, or the highest level of speedball, the platform has adapted and moved with the times to provide an incredible level of performance that never fails to impress.


We've said it many times before, the LV1, in its various forms, is the perfect poppet valve marker available. The way it performs and outlasts the competition is a testament to the LV1's superior qualities.


With excellent performance comes great popularity, hence the latest incarnation of the LV1 platform, the EGO LV1.6.

More than just a cosmetic upgrade, the LV1.6 features a brand new custom-designed solenoid which gives the LV1.6 increased reliability, performance and longevity, and superior shot quality.

A first for the LV platform, this new solenoid empowers the user with the ability to perform their own routine and advanced maintenance with ease, should they ever need to.


The dual SFRs also give the user exceptional levels of control over the bolt and rammer speeds, opening up endless potential for the tuning of shot characteristics, feel, efficiency, and speed. Combined with the fully adjustable LPR and two weights of the rammer, the LV1.6 demonstrates a level of adjustability not found in any other platform, allowing users to create their own unique playing experience.


Trends, game formats, player requirements, and desires change over time. By pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability we keep the EGO as relevant today as it was the day the very first one hit the field, retaining its spot as the very best poppet marker available.

The LV1.6 is the latest iteration of a legacy that has spanned over 15 years and generated memories for thousands of players worldwide.

Through LV1.6, the EGO legend lives on.